Correct Score Games Archive

14.05.2022 Tlemcen – Chelghoum 1:4 30.00 1:4 Correct Score Games Archive
07.05.2022 Hoffenheim – B. Leverkusen 2:4 35.00 2:4 Correct Score Games Archive
30.04.2022 Bor. Dortmund – Bochum 3:4 81.00 3:4 Correct Score Games Archive
10.07.2021 Kolumbija – Peru 3:2 29.00 3:2 Correct Score Games Archive
19.06.2021 Kaspij Aktau – Kaisar 2:4 101.00 2:4 Correct Score Games Archive
05.06.2021 Jeonnam – Seoul E. 3:0 31.00 3:0 Correct Score Games Archive
29.05.2021 La Serena – Melipilla 5:1 126.00 5:1 Correct Score Games Archive
22.05.2021 Chrudim – Zizkov 3:5 151.00 3:5 Correct Score Games Archive
08.05.2021 Novi Pazar – Mladost 4:1 30.00 4:1 Correct Score Games Archive
01.05.2021 Jezero FK – Podgorica 3:2 36.00 3:2 Correct Score Games Archive
24.04.2021 Karmiotissa – Paphos 0:6 51.00 0:6 Correct Score Games Archive
20.04.2021 Swindon – Portsmouth 3:1 41.00 3:1 Correct Score Games Archive
17.04.2021 Central Cordoba – River Plate 0:5 35.00 0:5 Correct Score Games Archive
10.04.2021 Lafnitz – Liefering 1:4 35.00 1:4 Correct Score Games Archive
13.03.2021 Lecce – Chievo 4:2 51.00 4:2 Correct Score Games Archive
27.02.2021 M. Haifa – Kiryat Shmona 4:2 51.00 4:2 Correct Score Games Archive
20.02.2021 LDU Quito – Nueve de Octubre 4:2 41.00 4:2 Correct Score Games Archive
13.02.2021 Sunderland – Doncaster 4:1 51.00 4:1 Correct Score Games Archive
30.01.2021 Paphos – AEK Larnaca 1:4 51.00 1:4 Correct Score Games Archive
23.01.2021 Gorica – Dinamo 3:4 67.00 3:4 Correct Score Games Archive
02.01.2021 B. Jerusalem – H. Haifa 3:3 67.00 3:3 Correct Score Games Archive
19.12.2020 Saarbrucken – Ingolstadt 3:3 51.00 3:3 Fixed Matches
12.12.2020 1860 München – Mannheim 5:0 67.00 5:0 Correct Score Games Archive
05.12.2020 Penybont – Caernarfon 6:0 151.00 6:0 Fixed Matches
28.11.2020 Vinto – San Jose 5:0 67.00 5:0 Fixed Matches
07.11.2020 Tonbridge A. – Bradford 0:7 80.00 0:7 Correct Score Games Archive
31.10.2020 Utd of Manchester – Marske 2:3 40.00 2:3 Fixed Matches
06.06.2020 Dynamo Brest – FC Minsk 6:1 81.00 6:1 Correct Score Games Archive
07.03.2020 Dungannon – Warrenpoint Town 4:4 60.00 4:4 Correct Score Games Archive
29.02.2020 Cienciano SC – Ayacucho 1:4 70.00 1:4 Fixed Matches Sure 100%
22.02.2020 Morton – Alloa 4:4 80.00 4:4 Fixed Matches Sure 100%
08.02.2020 Albion Rovers – Brechin 4:1 45.00 4:1 Fixed Matches Sure 100%
01.02.2020 East Fife – Dumbarton 4:2 60.00 4:2 Correct Score Games Archive
18.01.2020 Barry Town – Carmarthen Town 7:1 120.00 7:1 Fixed Matches Sure 100%
11.01.2020 Mansfield – Forest Green 3:4 90.00 3:4 Correct Score Games Archive

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